Stay@home with the Beaujolais Crus

I have been toying for a long time with this idea: 
Taking a stay@home wine tour through the Beaujolais Crus. 

I like Beaujolais and find it an excellent food friendly wine.  It's made with the Gamay grape and there are ten distinct classifications.  Over the next weeks and months I aim to taste each of them. Some have been favourites down the years and some are old friends with whom to get reacquainted.

Above is an acrostic and below a set of clues.  If you would like to join me on this stay@home journey then use the clues to work out the name of the cru and then look out for tasting notes in future posts on this blog.

Here are the clues:

1.   Starting to get foggy in France. (8)

2.   A flower field? (7)

3.   A windmill in France. (6,1,4)

4.   This one on the side. (4,2,8)

5.   Includes a girl's name or a boy's with an extra letter. (8)

6.   Others have left too. (6)

7.  Ends in Russian currency. (11)

8.  Like oak at the beginning. (6)

9.  A French girl's name slightly mixed up. (6)

10. Valentine loves this one. (5,5)

We won't be tasting in this order as much will depend upon availability but in any case I hope you'll join me and share your impressions.

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