Plus de hâte, moins de vitesse

Speaking engagement.  Talk prepared, car loaded and off to the meeting; brilliant, I'd left plenty of time to find a parking space at the venue and more than enough to offload the selection of French wine and cheeses that were intended for une dégustation that evening.
Things don't always go as planned and when I arrived most of the parking spaces were occupied by a single van! There was one space that just might work so if I could just quickly unload the "stuff" for the talk I could squeeze in.

Seemed a good idea up to the point when the sickening sound of scraping metal told me it wasn't!

Thoughts of an expensive evening crossed my mind as I headed to a public carpark about 5 minutes away. There was still just enough time, if I hurried.

Got a space okay and opened the back door to retrieve my laptop from the back seat. SMASH!
Not the laptop, fortunately, but a bottle of wine I had chosen to accompany one of the cheeses for the tasting. Wine on the ground and talk up in the air as I couldn't leave the broken glass where it lay.

So arrived late, offered excuses and did best to recover; seemed to go okay.

At home, later that evening I reflected on how more haste often meant less speed - Plus de hâte, moins de vitesse.

There was a little of the dégustation stuff left.  So I poured a glass, cut some cheese and savoured both.