Michel Thomas

Keeping this spot for an upcoming post on the extraordinary life and work of Michel Thomas.....

In it, I'll be sharing my thoughts on the book The Test of Courage by Christopher Robbins and as a former French teacher I will also give my impressions after having listened to the 8-part CD French Course.

Interested in Michel Thomas?  Check here for Wikipedia article.

French marriage contract 1595

I really am not sure about the text of this treasured possession. I know it is a marriage contract, handwritten on parchment that we bought many years ago. The ink has clearly stood the test of time but the writing and some of the words used are difficult to make out.
It does seem to state that the contract dates from 1595 and it will be a labour of love to decipher and translate the text.  It has defeated a few French friends who have stayed at our home.

Here's a close up of the opening sentences:

Any suggestions?