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Whoever you are, thanks for clicking through to here!
It seems a pity to be incognito but that's the way of the world these days and your privacy is something I want to respect fully.
Accordingly, this site strives to avoid capturing your personal information.  You can see that many third party gadgets and advertisements characteristic of other sites are absent here.  That wasn't always the case and I may be "missing a trick" but the simple truth is I didn't really like them.  I know that others think they are really worth having but I find reading my way around ads in posts is at best distracting....

Francofiled is first and foremost a blogging platform that seeks to encourage the sharing of information, ideas and opinions and the more people that take part, the better.  If you do decide to leave a comment on any of the posts then others will be able to see it and from whom it came.  The site also carries Twitter and Instagram gadgets that link to my Francofiled content on those platforms. There too, if you decide to interact your profile name will be visible on this site.

I think it is also important to make sure that contributors to posts are treated with respect. For this reason, I moderate comments and reserve the right to delete any that are offensive or unrelated to the  topic being discussed. You may disagree with any or all of the ideas, opinions and suggestions included in posts and that's fine. However, in the spirit of educational discussion and enquiry please keep in mind  that others may hold contrary views.  To paraphrase the late Dr Stephen Covey, let's seek first to understand... 

Renewed thanks for clicking through.


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