Wine and Cheese in Belfast

It was a first visit to OXCave in Oxford Street, Belfast and the good reports that we had heard turned out to be fully justified.  It was great.

As a cheese lover it was nice to be informed about each variety and to pick a selection from the large board:

Over on the counter, under a glass cloche, sat a huge tranche of Comte. The staff member said that the way it was served had proved to be very popular - it came grated with truffle honey.

Here's the tranche:

and the plate of the prepared cheese with truffle honey:

It certainly was an interesting combination, packed with flavour.

As a wine lover, with a strong preference for European, and as you would expect from the title of my blog, especially French wines it was equally good to have a knowledgeably offered choice.  This one was very nice indeed:

A nice first visit... We'll be back again soon.