Claude Monet : The Immersive Experience

 I've only been to a couple of such exhibitions in which the work of artists is projected onto walls, ceilings and screens to the accompaniment of musical soundscapes.

As it was nearing the end of its run in Belfast at the Carlisle Memorial Church we decided to make a day of it and visit The Claude Monet Immersive Experience.  

Although not as extensive as an experience we viewed in Paris at the Atelier des Lumières we very much appreciated the scale and depth of this one and its venue -  an old church at Carlisle Circus in Belfast. It was just right and care had been taken to present material in fine detail.

Monet's art was set in context through several information boards, again that music bathing us in sound. A walk through a set with the bridge and the artist's home at Giverny; books on top of a table as if they had just recently been read and set down. Details.

We moved on through into the body of the church taking a seat in one of the many deckchairs around the walls.  Immersive, yes that's the word. Immersed in colour, movement and sound.

The show itself focussed in on the tiny details of the works of art - we could see the brush strokes in close up high definition. Wonderful.

On the way out there was the inevitable merchandise but it was good quality and yes we bought a couple of souvenir items.

A memorable visit. Hope that the organisers - FeverUp - bring more events like this.  We'll be there.