Au revoir les K7 !

I had held on to them for ages - these old recordings from the BBC Radio French language courses À Vous La France and its follow-on France Extra!  I had the pupil books to go with them and the teacher's guide too.  They served me well in planning lessons all those years ago.  Old friends.

With space clearing at home it was time to say Au revoir !  to the K7 - cassette - collection.  No one seemed interested in having the recordings in this format what with CD and MP3 downloads more easily managed.

When I brought them for recycling I had a moment of doubt and regret. I'd miss having them around. So I took a quick picture to remind me of the time and effort put into setting timers to record;  labelling the cassettes and creating the J-card covers.

Au revoir les K7 !

La Nuit de la lecture

I am very much looking forward to La Nuit de la lecture which will take place on Saturday 14 January 2017.

I think it's a great idea to encourage people to get more into reading. Libraries, publishers, authors and a range of organisations all over France are getting involved. If you would like more information on La nuit de la lecture then check out the details at the following link: La Nuit de la lecture

To join, at least in spirit, with the event I intend to read the Kindle version of the book, Le corps de ma mère by Tunisian writer, Fawzia Zouari.  It's a title that was recommended to me and it sounded my kind of book.  Clicking on this link takes you to the Amazon Kindle store version where you can get more details.  If you read or have read the book consider sharing your views and opinions in the comments section below... Saturday 14 January might be a good time for that.

Note: Although the link to the book site offers an option to buy, I don't receive any commission for directing you there. C