Ambling to Amboise

An ambling ambition

This was supposed to be a leisurely trip to Amboise.  An ambling ambition. The idea was that we would get a late morning train for Amboise and visit the château. It's within easy reach of Tours where we were staying and that leisure time would include a snack at the Mie Caline outlet close to the station. Sure enough wrapped around a bacon and cheddar filled baguette everything seemed to be going swimmingly.

As often before on this trip, I had used the very useful app to buy two tickets, located the train and boarded with ease. The train was quiet and comfortable and tempted with the strong wifi I got involved in some catch-up messaging. Mistake!
Starting to feel drowsy, I closed my eyes.
Yes, I had been aware that the train had stopped but since it seemed we had only just left I paid no attention.  Rousing a little later P. remarked that she had seen a château en passant and I figured perhaps that was Chenonceau.  However looking at the time I realised it was later than I had thought and the train station had been Amboise!!


A quick walk up the train - to find the conductor who turned out to be extra-specially nice.  He confirmed that we had indeed missed Amboise and were now approaching Blois-Chambord.  If we were quick, he suggested, we could get out and take the next train back in the Tours direction.  It was due shortly.  Offering to pay any required supplement, the conductor declined and added the comment that if asked I should simply explain again as I had done to him.

We did as he suggested, descended at Blois-Chambord, and after that rush of adrenaline caught the next train back only a few minutes later.

The journey was short and we had a lovely afternoon in Amboise.

En plus/more

Check out the OuiSNCF app on the App Store or Android. Have used it several times and it's really useful.

If you're in Tours, Amboise is probably the closest Château to visit by train.  Yes, there is a walk from the station but it is gentle.  The old town of Amboise bordering the castle wall is lovely with plenty of eating places.

Amboise has plenty of connections with Leonardo da Vinci including his castle and burial chamber.

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