Méthode de français

The course and workbooks for Hachette's Alter Ego C1 - C2 Méthode de français have arrived and the New Year resolution to restore and perfect my French has started in earnest and a month ahead of time. I feel like a student again, flicking through the pages, gauging the extent of the task but of course this time there is no end exam, unless I want one. Instead there is the pleasant prospect of engaging with some really interesting dossiers on topics that are right up to date. I've already tried some of the exercises and the results are encouraging.

I opted for the Hachette programme because of the wealth of material it includes. There's a student book with MP3 CD, a cahier de perfectionnement with answers and a free downloadable teaching guide. Of course, there are plenty of other courses to choose and Internet radio has made it so easy to tune in to broadcast material in French. Online resources characterise today's learning environments and many are brilliant. I'll be using them all. Will they help in this quest for perfectionnement?

On verra!



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