Wallace Fountain, Wallace Park, Lisburn

The Wallace Fountain that previously stood outside the Linen Museum in Market Square, Lisburn has been moved to a new position in Wallace Park.

Refurbished Wallace Fountain now standing in Wallace Park, Lisburn
The colour is not the dark green as I remembered it before but is very close to the colour of the one standing at Hertford House, London.  The colour of Les Wallace was the subject of a previous post that included a link to comments on a story in Le Parisien. Most people there liked the traditional livery.

It's great to see that the tap has also been restored although sadly, given the origins of the fountains, it doesn't appear to be plumbed to supply water. Wonder why?
Wikipedia has an interesting article on the history of the fountains along with a listing of where to find them in Paris, other cities in France and world-wide.  The article points out that many of the Parisian fountains deliver eau potable and is often the only source of clean drinking water for the sans abri, homeless people.

Check out the article on Wikipedia here.

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