Les Grandes Galettes de la Mère Poulard

The box of galettes is now empty. It took a while for these are not biscuits to be rushed but savoured. The tin contained 10 sachets with three biscuits in each and a good part of the enjoyment was sharing collective memories of that distinctive taste. Recollections also came to mind of several visits to the renowned UNESCO World Heritage site of Le Mont Saint-Michel where La Mère Poulard's restaurant has been delighting pilgrims and visitors since 1888. The restaurant's reputation was founded on its deep omelette speciality cooked over a fire on long-handled beaten copper pans.

Opening a sachet to remove a biscuit, now made in a factory, you nonetheless sense the care that has gone into its preparation. Provenance is immediately apparent for there centrally positioned in light yellow relief is a stylised Mont Saint-Michel. The surround is a deeper gold, giving way to a thin rim of brown biscuit.
A scent of sugary, yolky, vanilla caramel rises and the galette breaks with a comforting snap as tiny crumbs fall to be collected later with a moistened finger...
In the mouth it is crunchy, sandy almost, and deliciously melts away with those flavours of vanilla and caramel. It is an evocative memory of a French pâtisserie.

Moreish and satisfying you don't even have to go to France to get them. The whole experience is repeatable thanks to Marks and Spencers where they are on sale.



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